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Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Wake up your Spirit to a great day. Take a break in the business day to re-energize your workforce.  Lunch breaks can fit a true lunch hour or any 1-2 hour setting. A full feast of learning designed as 3-8 hour workshops or retreats.
If You Need It, Give It Away Be  the Co-worker
You Wish You Had
Agreements to Live By
Some people focus on what's missing their lives or workplace.  Others overflow with enthusiasm for living and easily share their skills with others.  What you give away comes back to you multiplied, creating a full and joyful life. Want to stop blaming others for your rotten day at work?  Become the positive influence that changes the atmosphere of your entire work setting. Based on the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, this course shares practical ways to improve your relationship.  Life becomes easier and more productive when you shift the agreements you've made with yourself and others.
You Are Who
You Think You Are
We Need to Talk:
Asking for What You Need
Did You Hear Me?
Are you searching for your "real" self?  Put positive attitudes to work for you and create a life bigger and better than you've dreamed before. What would make your work more effective and raise your job satisfaction?  Be clear for yourself how to improve your job setting, and then learn how to tell others so they want to help you. Transform your interactions with others by learning to listen well and communicate clearly.  Apply these principles at work, at home, and in the community.
Embrace Change
for a New Day
Positive Attitudes that Raise the Bottom Line
Healing Attitudes
Change may be the only constant in modern living.  You can resist, or you can learn to make change work for you.
Want to make your work team more effective?  Start with an attitude adjustment and watch productivity take off. Explore positive thoughts and habits which heal body and Spirit.
Beyond Judgment
to Compassion
Samplers Catering
The most profound way to improve your life circumstances is to move beyond judging yourself and others.  Learn to live with compassion for all creatures and find lasting peace.
Let me prepare a taste of any longer presentation to whet your appetite in a 15-30 minute bite. Let Soulfood help you custom design a presentation to fit your needs for workplace training, retreats, or convention spots.
Face Life without Fear    
Fear paralyzes us.  Life beyond fear sets us free to soar - at work, at play, in relationships.  Make a fear-less beginning!